Growth Capital

We at ARCH Nordic have three different approaches to reach your growth targets:


ARCH works in three steps to achieve growth capital for growth companies with a turnover of 0.3 Million Euro and upwards annually and/or Blue Ocean companies with a unique value proposition.

step 1: Increase sales efforts to generate growth capital often internationally both to find partners and/or customers

Step 2: Company set up and/or develop Giving Foundation (foundation without capital) for a higher purpose for it to receive funds for growth capital. ARCH has a unique partnership with Foundation Broker that establishes foundations. In this step, we also seek EU-funds and public contributions for companies.

Step 3: Find other ways to get growth capital from family offices, impact investors and loans.

ARCH with Foundation Broker do not only establish Giving Foundations but also have a partner to set up Refund Foundations (foundations with capital).


Arch Nordic assists companies with growth capital such as list company and/or crowdfunding through their partners in Nordics.


Our vision for Q4 2020 is to collaborate with family offices at a European level to strengthen our value proposition. We offer in exchange three value-driven services.

  • Impact Growth Capital
  • Investment cases with impact thinking
  • Digital Impact Consulting


Sell a company with a turnover of 2 Million Euros or upwards annually. ARCH identifies a buyer and negotiates the right price through Midas Equities OY network in Finland and Internationally. ARCH is a senior partner with Midas Equities.

Arch Nordic to assist companies with growth capital such as crowdfunding through their partners in Nordics.