Kent EliassonFounder & CEO

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  • B.Sc. from Stockholm University, 1985
Professional Experience

CEO of a number of IT, media & business intelligence companies, turnaround in three cases

Current Position

CEO, Arch (own business)

Board Assignments
  • Chairman of Tech Trade International
  • Chairman of the Board at Mäklarhuset Örebro
  • Chairman of board at Cyklos
  • Chairman of the Board (senior advisory board) at Loxy AS
  • Chairman of the Board at Kompetenstjänst AB
  • Chairman of the Board at nxtME
  • Established a Foundation in Gothenburg for Peace Purpose

Kent Eliasson is the founder and CEO of ARCH Nordic. He has managed ARCH in the last 20 years. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration which he completed at the University of Stockholm.

Kent is Chairman of the Board of various Growth Companies in the Nordics in different sectors, which include real estates, health, IT, bicycle manufacturing, car accessories, plastic production and education.


Kent is also the chairman of a real estate broker, a construction company, and a shell company which is about to start a free school.

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