Story of ARCH

“Your Growth – Our Mission.”
Kent Eliasson,
Owner & CEO of ARCH Nordic AB

ARCH Nordic was founded in 1996 and in over twenty years, owner & CEO Kent Eliasson and his team, have worked with many companies to reach their growth potential. In offering consultation services, the company’s focus has always been on people rather than on numbers.

Our team’s core value is organic growth as we believe that it is the people that can lead a company to the top and not vice versa. Therefore, our goal is to motivate change by starting from the most valuable and organic elements of a company and those are its owners, the board and the team of employees.

Our services include, but are not limited to, Finding the Right Owners and/or Board, Developing an Excellent Team, adopting a Value-Based model in your sales, Developing your existing pool of Customers and Expanding it, Finding the Right Profitability, Liquidity & Capital Strategy for Growth, Acquiring the Right Company and Guiding you through to enter the Future of Digital Sales.

Let Your Growth be Our Mission.

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