At ARCH Nordic, we aid owners and entrepreneurs in increasing their company’s profitable sales (value proposition). How it works:

Examples of 3 Brilliant Ideas ARCH have implemented in various companies

For Production Companies

  1. ARCH has recruited a CEO – free time for Owner and present CEO
  2. Made a generation change from Father to Children
  3. Expanded production and sales capacity in Eastern Europe

For Trade Company

  1. ARCH recruited In-house Digital Sales Person- Capture Digital Business
  2. We help the company to enter a New Geographical Market – Expand Growth Business
  3. We used performance-Pay System to Increase Sales Meetings with customers

For Services Company

  1. ARCH sells company in order to catch the Method´s potential in Market
  2. We helped to set up a Marketing Campaign in three steps to create sales
  3. We arranged Professional Arrangements for Personnel

For IT Company

  1. ARCH utilized IT System for different Sectors – Partners from other sectors
  2. We helped Service company to buy Another Company In a New Location for New Customers and Consultants
  3. Make an Owner Directive-Identify Double Turnover in 3 years’ time

Private Universities

  1. ARCH Utilized IT as an efficient tool for Student Education and Speed up Efficiency in Organization
  2. Offered Education in the EU in order to expand business
  3. We helped to Speed up Efficiency to use Interns and Selected External Personal Resources

ARCH partners with experienced Business

  1. ARCH consulted for International Tech Transfer – Complete Tech Deals with Relevant Suppliers within Infrastructure
  2. Completed Merger & Acquisitions Deals with different solutions
  3. Created Business Ideas and Raise Capital within the Nordic Welfare Sector

ARCH believes that Right Company, Right Owners and Right Scalability are the key factors to achieve the Growth Target of the Company:

Right Company (How to set growth target and choose relevant actions for the company through Scalability)
Right Owners (Get profitable growth through selling whole, Part of the Company or Organic Growth)
Right Board (How to realize profitable growth for the company)

ARCH believes that employees are the most valuable assets of a company. Right Excellent Team includes:

Right Team (How to build and develop Owner-Board-CEO-Employees relationship)
Right Organization (How to develop an organization towards growth)
Right Business Performance (How to prepare an organization to achieve set goals)

ARCH guides you on the right track to sell your products, services and concept by value in the following way:

Sell by Value not by Price (the only way for niche companies to achieve profitable growth)
Sell the Right Product, Service and Concept to domestic and International Market (New and existent customers)

ARCH offers valuable insights on how to find potential customers for your company and on how to steer your existing customers and partners towards a profitable path which includes:

Right mix of new and existing customers
Right Profitable Sales (Sales by Customer Categorization)
Right Customer Relations in Digital Era (Sell partnership to traditional customers – suppliers)

“Liquidity is oxygen for a financial system”. At ARCH Nordic we have the expertise to lead your Company to its Right Liquidity for Growth, which includes:

Right Profitability for Growth (How to sell by Value and not by Price)
Right Liquidity for Growth (How to get relevant liquidity for Growth)
Right Capital Strategy for Growth (How to Generate Own Capital for Growth)

ARCH Nordic can help with the right company acquisition strategy:

Right Company Acquisition for valuable growth (How to sell the whole or part of the company)
Right Guidance across M&A phases
Right Integration of acquired company
(How to integrate acquired company and align to growth path)

What is the best way to reach to new customers or develop your export sales? At ARCH Nordic we have the expertise to help companies succeed in the Digital Era. Our method includes:

Right Personal Sales in Digital Era (How to generate personal sales in the digital era)
Right Performance Pay for Sellers (How to reach your set sales targets)
Right Sales to attract New Customers, Partners or Sales in new countries (Sales by partnership)

What is the best way to reach new customers or develop your products? At ARCH Nordic we have the expertise to help companies in Digital Era. Our method includes:

Right Product Development in Digital Era (How to develop new products/ services and concept for profitable growth in the future)

Right Purchase (How to manage purchase for higher growth)

Right In and Outsourcing (Identifying key competencies required in the organization)