Growth Academy 2020 Products

Growth Academy products are below either to Grow Your Company Sales or Growth Capital.
This approach can also do for a project inside a company and/or non-profit organization

Introduction Offer I

Right Owner – Do an Ownership Directive:
What is your Company turnover in 2020 and What will your growth potential will be in 2023? Get 3 essential factors to reach Your Growth Potential. We go through capital plan by video meeting (1 hour) .

Introduction Offer II

Right Capital – Seek Growth Capital Plan:
What are you Company Growth Potential and How to Finance this Growth. Overview of Financial resources and what is the Right Owner to company.Get 3 essential factors to succeed with Growth Capital.

We suggest an Ownership Directive / Capital Plan and we go through ownership directive by video meeting (1 hour). This cost 5000 SEK (500 Euro  1000 Euro).  This offer is valid until Friday 2019-03-31. VAT added.​
We have done over 100 ownership directives/financial plans over the years for companies/organizations

GROUP 1: Growth in Sales 2020

– How to Grow Your Company in Sales 2020: Analysis of Your Company and 3 actions to scale your company to reach Your Growth Potential
– A value-based approach for the right profitable growth: Action plan on how to reach your growth potential by 2021
– Right Excellent Team: How to maximize owner-board-CEO-employee-external resources for growth
– Right Product Development: Model for product development and right product development
– Right Excellent Offer: How to make an excellent offer (concept/product/service)
– Right Sales Model for Right Growth: Model for sales and right sales organization to end-customers and/or partners
– Right Salesperson: Analysis of salesperson and actions for higher sales

GROUP 2: Growth in Capital 2020

– How to make Your Company Profitable: Analysis of Your Company and actions to make your company profitable. A value-based approach for the right profitable growth. Action plan on how to reach profit
– A value-based approach for the right profitable growth: Action plan on how to reach your growth potential by 2021 Other activities to make company more ready for profitable growth
Model for Capital Growth:
Step 1: Increase Sales in a Profitable way
Step 2: Set up a Foundation to reach Higher Purpose and receive Growth Capital
Step 3: Find Growth Capital by Selected Investor
Other activities in order to find Growth Capital: seek Funds from Crowdfunding either/or go for stock exchange

ARCH has an extensive network of contacts within areas to help companies to get growth

Group  1 Moderator
Kent Eliasson, CEO of ARCH Nordic


kent pic

Group – 2 Moderator
Ari Virtanen, CEO of Advion Solutions


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