The 7 Factors to Succeed… what are they?

At ARCH Nordic we know the 7 most important factors that will grow your company with scalability:

  1. The Company has the Right Owner: Set and Realize a Concrete Vision:  Sell Your Company or Develop Profitable Growth.
  2. Develop New Owners/Partners for Growth; To maximize Your Potential in the Market.
  3. Establish Right Profitable GrowthHow to Become Niche Market Leader through Strong Brand Name; Sell by Value and not by Price.
  4. Develop excellent Team is so essential in order to get going: Right Owner-Right Board-Right CEO-Right Employees -Right External Personal Resources.
  5. In Digital Time especially two activities are essential:  Focus on Sales and Product Development.
  6. Think Global Act Local: Export Sales is double the Growth compared to Domestic Sales.
  7. How to Maximize Manpower and Resources Utilization and how to Deliver Projects on time and within budget with a fixed price contract.

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