Right Innovation Capital

We at ARCH Nordic have three different approaches to reach right growth targets:


Step 1: Company set up and/or develop Innovation Foundation for right Innovation: ARCH has a unique way to separate execution and innovation activities in companies to get higher growth in the long run (setup growth target-result-innovation), to setup innovation board team och routines in order to be more successful with innovation. There are two foundations: foundation without capital with focus to raise innovation capital and foundation with capital who focus to execute innovation and also to buy/sell interesting start-ups.
Step 2: Seek innovation capital from various sources:  for example foundations, financial growth capital and investors.
Step 3: Start-Ups: Contribute in interesting start-ups plans and turn them into customers and/or buy interesting start-ups. ARCH has a network of interesting start-ups that seek next phase in their development and a major way is to connect to medium-sized and major companies that innovation through start-ups.


ARCH: INNOVATION GROWTH CAPITALTime-Efficient Ways to find Innovation Capital & to have a higher purpose for your company

Who are we?

What do we offer?

We seek to work with Growth companies with a turnover of  300000 Euros and upwards and/or Blue Ocean Companies.