Right Foundation 2020 Free Seminar (1 hour)

Seminar Right Foundation seminar will introduce a successful way to set up a Foundation in Sweden and how to raise Growth Capital, either by video either/or physical seminar


a. Right Foundation for a higher Purpose:
Establish a Foundation for Higher Purpose and receive Growth Capital and How to Develop an Existent Foundation
By – Mr. Martin Johansson

b. Get Growth Capital to Your Company:
Increase Profitable Sales, Right Foundation and Right Investor
By – Mr. Kent Eliasson

We will during this seminar explain to find Growth Capital from Foundations from Sweden and Internationally. Only in Sweden there is 550 Billions Swedish Crowns to seek from foundations

GROUP 1: Right Foundation for a Higher Purpose 2020

– Establish a Foundation: : why Foundation and different situations to have a Foundation How to Establish a Foundation and how to seek Funds in a successful way

– Develop an Existent Foundation: develop an existent Foundation in various ways

GROUP 2: Model for Growth in Capital 2020

– Step 1: : Increase Sales in a Profitable way and other actions for a company to be ready for Growth
– Step 2: Set up a Foundation to reach Higher Purpose and receive Growth Capital
– Step 3:  Find Growth Capital by Selected Investor

Group – 1 Moderator
Martin Johansson, CEO of Foundation Broker AB



Group  2 Moderator
Kent Eliasson, CEO of ARCH Nordic


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