ARCH Nordic launches a complete growth package that helps European companies in crisis. With the help of a wide network of international investors and in collaboration with foundation expert Martin Johansson CEO of Foundation Broker, a growth package has been created that provides the best conditions for finding new capital while at the same time making money come into circulation for good causes. “Creating a foundation for your company has never been as important as it is now,” says Kent Eliasson, growth expert and CEO of ARCH Nordic.

Building on their creative financial thinking and long experience of founding foundations, Kent Eliasson and Martin Johansson have developed a unique complete growth package that helps entrepreneurs create their own foundation and gain access to new capital among investors. “We always start with an analysis of the company and the values ​​of the future foundation,” says Martin Johansson. “The great thing about our solution is that you don’t need any start-up capital to start your foundation. Then we help in the application for grants to the foundation, from other foundations and from investors.”

Own foundation database

A foundation leads to a more positive business environment in many ways. Putting your energy into something you believe in creates motivation. Through the foundation’s raised capital, you can then support many European projects and work to ensure that money comes into circulation for the good causes for which you have created your foundation. EUR 67 billion is linked to the Nordic region’s 40,000 foundations, which are actively looking for projects to support. ARCH Nordic has set up its own database of all the European foundations, where you can effectively find the foundations that are looking for investment projects.

Interconnecting worlds

What many entrepreneurs do not know is that when a company works for good causes through a foundation, new doors also open to a large group of investors who have their heart in the right place. “Many of the investors in our wide international network of investors like to invest their capital for a higher purpose that they feel deeply for. We connect these two worlds,” says Martin Johansson, who has worked with foundations for over 10 years.

Kent and Martin are passionate about helping Nordic companies through the financial crisis through their growth package and offer support in every step to start a foundation and find new capital.

For more information contact:

Kent Eliasson, CEO of ARCH Nordic, [email protected]

phone: +46 70 799 13 87,

Martin Johansson, CEO Foundation Broker, [email protected]

phone: +46 70 050 86 90,

About ARCH Nordic

ARCH Nordic was founded in 1996 by CEO Kent Eliasson and has been supporting companies in achieving profitable growth for more than 20 years. ARCH Nordic helps companies develop by improving the company’s strategies for growth, developing profitable customers, acquiring growth capital, digitizing sales and developing high-performing teams and boards.

About Foundation Broker

Founded in 2019 by CEO Martin Johansson, Foundation Broker specializes in helping companies establish their own fundraising foundation and finding funding in that process. The company wants to promote growth and contribute to a more philanthropic business climate and operates both in Sweden and internationally.