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Seminar: Get Ownership Directive – For Growth In Your Company 2020 (Free Seminar).

What is your Company turnover in 2020 and What will your growth target be in 2021?

What are the 3 key factors that will realize your growth target 2021

ARCH will create an ownership directive (Worth 300 Euro) for free for growth in Your Company

This offer is valid to Friday 2020-04-26


This short seminar last for 15 minutes including documentation, preparation (check your company´s website and annual reports), and participation.

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Get Your Free Copy of Sample Owner Directives

Kent Eliasson

Professional Experience
CEO of a number of IT, media & business intelligence companies, turnaround in three cases

Current Position
CEO, Arch (own business)

The seminar is held by Kent Eliasson. Kent is chairman of the board to 10 growth companies in Nordic Countries. Kent specializes in Organic Growth, Growth Capital & Mergers & Acquisitions. Kent has done over 100 ownership directives for various companies and sectors over the years.


Seminar Schedule

  • 23-24 April Helsinki
  • 26-29 April Stockholm

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