Seminar Dates:

Thursday 2021-10-14 09.00-09.45 CET

This seminar is free of charge and targeted at entrepreneurs who seek growth capital for their companies. Program (45 minutes online free seminar)
Seminar is for Chairman of the Board, CEO, Owner and/or Entrepreneur that want to be successful to seek Growth Capital. 

●  Six factors to achieve successful growth of your company
●  Short introduction of persons/companies
● Ways to get more growth capital for your company (“from Start-Up to Global Company)
●  Swedish Stock List – Another way to seek growth capital
●  Discussions and questions

ARCH is a broker company that expertise in getting growth capital for companies from family offices/impact investors, loans, and foundations and have operations expanded across Europe.
This seminar is free for maximum 2 persons per company/organization.

Kent EliassonSeminar Speaker

Kent is a chairman in company boards in the Nordic countries and responsible for Growth Capital

Itisha AdhikariSeminar Moderator

Itisha is ARCH responsible within Health Tech Companies and New Sales

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